Sektor64 & We Are Freaks pres. NIKOLINA & MØDZE & ELTERNHOUSE @Die Rakete (GER)

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We Are Freaks is back at DieRakete and has teamed up with Sektor64 by Techno für Nürnberg.

From hard techno to trance to tech house - a party with a lot of energy! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

On the mainfloor Mødze and Nikolina, two energetic and very sought after artists, will serve you hard techno. They are part of the famous Berlin fashion brand and Agency NAKT. The lineup will be completed by Heggemann with a special trance warm up set.

On the tech house floor a full package of We Are Freaks is waiting for you - our Nuremberg guys from Elternhouse are coming over, but also GiddiBangBang, Vince Versa and Dynamike will provide you with happy and dirty tunes.

- Tech House (Makrobe)-
00:00 // Vince Versa (We Are Freaks)
02:00 // Elternhouse (We Are Freaks / Glasgow Underground) 
03:30 // GiddiBangBang (We Are Freaks / This Ain't Bristol) x Dynamike (We Are Freaks)

- Hard Techno / Groove (Main Floor) -
23:00 // Nikolina (NAKT)
01:00 // Mødze (NAKT)
03:00 // Heggemann (Polyamor)